Well, if you read our last blog, what a fantastic summer it has been so far!!! We have been very very lucky with the weather, can't remember the last time we had it so good for so long, it's sunshine all the way! As the weather has been great, we have managed to get out a few times at the Aberdeen Beach front with the Scotland's Bothy Pop Up Shop. It really has been great fun, doesn't feel like working at all when you are set up down the beach on a scorching day, it's great to see everyone buzzing about enjoying the fantastic weather of late. We have a fantastic view of the sea from the Pop Up Shop, saw the dolphins swim past a few times, the kayakers too, oh, and also the wild swimmers, you see them swimming past with their visibility floats behind them, maybe next time we can tempt the swimmers and kayakers up for a browse in the shop lol.  We keep an eye out for wind speeds down at the beach front, that is the only thing we have to worry about, if it's too windy then unfortunately it is no use for the Pop Up structure, if the wind gets up to about 20mph then unfortunately that puts a stop to things but so far so good. Hopefully we will be operating down at the beach front again this Sunday 29th July 10am to 3pm. Keep an eye out on our facebook page & instagram where we keep you up to date with this. Here are a few photos from Sunday past.