Aberdeen Surf Club

Official merchandise for Aberdeen Surf Club.

When you join Aberdeen Surf Club, you will be given a discount code that you can use any time when buying club merchandise online. See below on how to join Aberdeen Surf Club.

We are a Scottish Surfing Federation affiliated club. In order to join Aberdeen Surf Club you must first join the Scottish Surfing Federation, then you are able to purchase a years membership with Aberdeen Surf Club.
The cost to join the SSF is £15 per year, and then £10 for adults/£7 for children for Aberdeen Surf Club This is for a years membership.
1) Head over to the SSF website http://thessf.com/
2) Navigate to MEMBERS and in the drop down menu select - Join the SSF/Member Login
3) You will be taken to the SSF Just Go page where you will sign up to the SSF paying your annual fee, and then once you have done that, from within the same page, you can then purchase an annual membership for Aberdeen Surf Club as your chosen club to join.