What an eventful Burns night we had last year!😂 We had to take in Jock the Rebellious Haggis who was being hunted by Shuggie The Haggis Hunter. The poor beastie was in an awfy battle but made it to survive another year. Jock was enjoying a few whiskys with some pals out in Tarland last year, a rare time he had, but on his way home he was ambushed by Shuggie, a notorious Haggis Hunter here in the north east of Scotland. Well, michty, Jock escaped on that occasion and lives to tell the tale. He  headed for his hideyoot here at Scotland's Bothy for a wee rest before he headed off on his travels again. We have no idea where he is now, but one thing is for sure, he will be on his guard as he knows Shuggie The Haggis Hunter will be on his tail looking for his Haggis for his Burns Super this year on Satuday 25th January. Keep an eye out on our facebook page, no doubt Jock will appear over the Burns Night Celebration period, he always finds a great party on Burns Night, it's a dangerous time of the year for him but he jist cannae resist the lure of the single malt whisky this time of year! Here you can see a photo of Jock having a rest after his epic battle last year, what a time he had. To mark the occasion of his adventure, we released the "Shuggie The Haggis Hunter" tea towel which is available online now.


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