Womens Jewellery

Unique Scottish Jewellery hand crafted and made here in Scotland. Each piece of jewellery has a truly unique gem made from Heather which is a plant native to the Highlands of Scotland. Each gem is unique in colour, no two gems are ever exactly the same due to the manufacturing process. The heather used to make the gems is sustainable and grows in the mountains & moors of Scotland.The Heather is gathered and the flower part is removed leaving the stalks of the Heather, which is almost like wood as the Heather is a hardy plant which has adapted to the Scottish Mountain Environment. The stems are then dried out and the bark removed then put into bundles to be died in the different vibrant colours that you see in the finished gems. Once died, the bundles are compressed & set in a resin which once set allows the bundles to be cut and shaped. Once the gems have been cut to shape, they are then smoothed, polished and lacquered ready to be set into the various pieces of jewellery.