A "Bothy" is a mountain shelter usually consisting of a floor, four walls, a roof, a window and a door and intended for use by Mountain Climbers, Hill Walkers & Various Outdoor Enthusiasts, and are found in the highlands and islands of Scotland.  Usually bothies are in quite remote places and left unlocked as they are open to anyone to use as shelter whilst out in the mountains.  It is very important when in the mountains not to look at the Bothy as your saviour but a place for shelter when the weather turns nasty or for a brief stay for some rest before moving onto your intended destination.  Usually a bothy will have a guest book, a long tradition in Scottish Bothies where you can log your stay and comments. Usually when staying in a bothy, you will find the resident "Bothy Mouse", although you might not see him, i can guarantee that you will hear him during the night, and if you have left any food out he will be more than happy to devour whatever you have left out so remember to safely pack away your supplies, maybe just leaving a wee bit for the wee moosie to eat.  It has been reported that somewhere in the Cairngorms at one bothy in particular that the "Bothy Mouse" has grown so big, about the size of an over fed Chihuahua dog,  that climbers are scared to use the bothy now for shelter. The mouse at the "Corrour Bothy"  located below Coire Odhar between The Devil's Point and Cairn Toul on the western side of the River Dee in the Lairig Ghru. is said to have developed a taste for Scottish Brie Cheese, Oatcakes and Laphroaig Single Malt Whisky, obviously the wee critter has good taste in Single Malts!
So why is "Scotland's Bothy" called" Scotland's Bothy"?, you may ask. Well that's simple, purely because of my love for being in the Scottish Mountains and Bothies, I can't think of anywhere else in the world I would rather be.
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